Presenting: StorHeap – A Fast Community-Based Cloud Storage Alternative to Dropbox

Faster, better, easier, more modern.

See the problem with programs like Dropbox is: sure. You get 2GB storage for free. But that file stays on your computer, hogging your storage, and if you try to access it, it takes ages to re-upload the edited file, and then, if the company has a security breach, you are shit-outta-luck.

My solution: Build a new platform.

The 5 W’s and an H.

What: Company’s name is StorHeap and resembles the Heaps of data that users have laying around. The program will work with “nodes” to upload within seconds (hypothetically on a good connection) and allow the user to store any data they wish and access it in near real-time. This would include things like games and such.

How: Here’s two images.

Background Process for StorHeap
Upload Process (user side) for StorHeap












Who: Me, Joseph Stacklin designed the idea and have decided to have an open-sourced system in place.

Where: You can find the official whitepaper here, the gitHub here, and the website here.

When: Planned release (Agressive, heavily funded): Q2 2018 Probable Release (Agressive, poorly funded): Q2 2019-Q4 2019

WHY?: Honestly? Because I am insane. I have many ideas that companies simply look at me and laugh, and I am sick of it, so I created this company in hopes that someone listens and sees that having purely cloud-based community storage that is as fast (or faster) than your 7200 RPM drive is awesome.

So.. What’s in it for me?

Well, you the reader get to make money. From successfully hashing out the security keys and the like (aka: Mining), and from storing files on your hard drives, you could gain a lot. Early investing is open for orders for the user plans (so we can get early funding, and have a rough estimate of how many people are interested). You can pre-order and/or invest via our website (you can take our multiple orders, or contact us for a large sum of money). The funding will go for paying developers to develop the applications for desktop and mobile, as well as the funds needed to start an ICO for the project (more funding), as well as the funds needed to market the project further than just word-of-mouth.


So if you are interested. Give a shout, hoot and let it all out. Tell all your friends (and enemies) about this new technology, hopefully coming very soon.

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