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I was sick on making several pages and sections for each and every category, so I decided to only make one post. You can navigate to each part of the post via the links below, or just read the whole thing!
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Unified Design

So for a while, I have wanted to make an AiO design for my streams, however never really had the push, since YouTube didn’t really have a layout, but since I now have all platforms with the abilities to have cards (aka: “Panels”) I took the leap and customised mine using the editor here! Some things aren’t even and it bugs me, but there isn’t much customisation options so I took what I could and ran with it!

Music Credits

Music is thanks to the following places, please follow them for the full, original work!

  • NoCopyrightSounds:
  • MaronMusic:
  • Epidemic Sounds:
  • Royalty Free Music by:


Games I Could Play

The games list is honestly much too long to count. I pretty much play whatever I want to, however I could slim it down to a small list of common franchises I love to play:

  • Forza
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo
  • Minecraft (Including Super Duper Survival)
  • Battlefield
  • Titanfall
  • Witcher
  • and much more


Da Rulez!

Simply put: Don’t be a dick. Follow that rule and we’re good. But, the list is below…

  • No self-advertising without asking first
  • I may not want to do parties, so please don’t ask! I will tell you!
  • Please don’t ask what device I am playing on, it will be in the title, and the corner of the streamUI!
  • Please don’t tell everyone your age! Unless you can provide me with a signed parent release form, users shouldn’t be engaging in my chats if they are under the age of 13! Twitch, Hitbox, and Beam require stream hosts to ban any users under that age. If I don’t know it, no one knows it.
  • Please don’t throw random links in chat! I can’t focus on a million people begging me to look at rick-rolls 24/7. I’m sorry
  • Please keep your insensitivities to yourself. I attempt to offend no-one, however you may get offended. This is the Internet. I can’t help what you are offended by. I will not change just for a few people.
  • Try to keep an open mind and think before you talk or chat. I don’t mind people saying their opinions, but please back up any statement with facts prior to running your mouth.
  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated



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