Why I’m Selling a $3K Desktop for a $1K Laptop

Whenever I look someone dead in the eyes and ask them, “Hey, you wanna buy a PC?” they usually look at me like “PC” is a type of drug or something. That said, however, when I talk to them more about the features and what it offers, they begin to catch on and ask for the price. When I hit them with the $3k price tag, they usually cough and laugh at me. Then they ask why I need to sell it, and when I say “For a new laptop” it seems the room stops.

The fact is that I just cant lug my 15lbs (6.8kg) tower around everywhere with me, and it’s a BITCH to ship. I mean, when I can take my Xbox One S with me wherever I want and not break a sweat it’s wonderful! But I know.. All the BS about owning a Console and a PC, I don’t care. I like it, and that’s all that matters. Fact is, I need something smaller.

While I was in the LTT (LinusTechTips) forum, I presented them with a few choices to pick my next laptop in which they shut me down and said I would be better off getting a custom Clevo unit. That said, I have looked around and it’s VERY hard to find a barebones system with no mods! I hate it! I hope to get a 17.3″ (43.942cm) laptop in either the 1060, or the 1070 if they have a cheap one.

Now don’t throw a fit, this is just a mobile workstation that I can have on my back, but the fact is that I still need the power of the new Ryzen chips. So I plan to build a micro-ATX build with liquid cooling around Ryzen and a micro-1070. Not as powerful, but I hope it will still work as great as my current setup. I love my Lilly Build¬†and all, but it’s just caused me too much heartache and pain. Between Intel’s issues and me frying TWO mobos and Windows 10, I am on the brink of insanity.


So if you want a X99 PC with an Elgato HD Pro, 1070 STRIX OC, and 32 GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD, hit me up.. I got one for $3k with your name on it.

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