Lilly – Custom X99 PC Build List

As requested by many of you, this is the new Lilly Build List. While I will continue to upgrade my components, you will be able to find and navigate through the sections with the tabs below.

v1 - Humble Beginnings

The idea was a new system with Intel X99 and an LGA-2011v3 Xeon inside it. This had the Corsair H60 and the Xeon E5 2650v3 ES which I got for around 160 USD (a great bargain), but I had many an issue with my Asus X99-A Deluxe motherboard, so thus brought us closer to v2. In addition, I won’t be listing the god awful tragedy that was my five graphics cards. It was during this time where I switched out between them all and still had the Rosewill Star Predator which you should stray away from. In the end, I chose the ASUS GTX 1070 STRIX OC as my graphics and said goodbye to AMD for now.

v2 - Mobo Time

“Upgraded” mobo to the Asrock Extreme 6 motherboard, however after several brownouts, my computer no longer boots.

v2.5 - The 'C' Upgrades

(Video) Version 2.5 included the first real upgrade to everything! Cooling was changed to the DeepCool/Gamer Storm CAPTAIN 240 EX that was wonderfully priced at around 70 USD during the holiday season 2016. In addition, I upgraded the CPU to the Intel i7 5820K and the Case to the Phanteks P400S (Black, no window).

v2.7 - Switcharoo

Downgraded back to the Asus X99-A Deluxe  for mobo after having too many issues with my Asrock, in short also thinking that it was damaged and will be returning it. This will be the final build prior to the Ryzen build, such dubbed: “Project Rise” for now.

Finished Build

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