The Future of Mobile Mail [REVIEW/RANT] (CloudMagic/Newton Mail)

Well, hello there! If you clicked on this because you want to find out more about how CloudMagic has abandoned it’s customers, yet again, then welcome! If you are here because you were browsing the Internet for drama, well, I guess I can fill that gap… But if you are the company who refuses to answer my emails, then please read, think about your actions, then fix them.

So 9 years ago I needed a new email app for my Android 2.1 device (the T-Mobile HTC myTOUCH 3G). My default one wouldn’t work anymore and I NEEDED my email. So off I went, looking around the interwebs, however at that time, most apps were updated to Android 2.3 or even (because Honeycomb was a flop) 4.0 (ICS). So I only had a few choices. At the time I was using a Hotmail email (wish i would have kept it) and needed support for the Live login. At the time, Hotmail didn’t have their own app so I downloaded some app that they recommended and it worked well until I found Gmail. Well, sadly the app, Hotmail, didn’t support Gmail, go figure, right?

So my options were waining, and I needed a reliable app. Then I found Aqua Mail: the app that was reliable, but cost money to get everything. So I tried Boomerang, however they quickly updated and left the old users in the dust. Ontop of that the notification system was patchy, only working when it wanted to and not across all inboxes. Finally, I found CloudMagic. The AiO solution that I was looking for! It was simple to use and easy to use! All you needed was a Google account to start! When you sign up with Google your mail was synced (and what was cool for me at the time, because no other company had this) you even had all of your folders!

Fast forward a year and a half. I have a new phone (the LG Lucid) with Android 4.0! This was awesome for me and I was so ecstatic to have the latest (although in a few months I would regret not going with the iPhone 4S, and the fact that a newer Android was right around the corner)! CloudMagic became a bigger platform, upgrading with me and now supporting ads (which no one likes) but I was still happy. I could check my emails and if I seen something I wanted, click on it and look into it. Later they began to accept donations, and even later offer some features for a few dollars. I stayed with the base model, but I was happy.

Fast forward another two years (ish) and I now have two phones (both deactivated and only used as small tablets with wifi). Both are old compared to now and were working fine! I suffered though high school with them and finally made it to my vocational school (10th grade). At this point we had wifi and I could talk to my girlfriend (Azeare on dA) and not have to worry about anything! CloudMagic updated one day during lunch to revile a new interface, an updated login system, and even more features (those I assume that were locked behind the paywall). After I signed in, a message appeared in my main inbox and it read something like this (I don’t have it anymore, sorry):

Dear Loyal CloudMagic user,

We thank you for supporting us through and through, we have since decided after some very kind criticism to our team that we will no longer offer the app with in-app purchases, no more ads, and no more subscriptions. We want to make this the best email app on the Play Store so please, give us any feedback or features you’d like to see.

Thank you,


I was ecstatic! My favorite app finally went completely free (minus donations, of course) and they were booming! I loved the app even more and felt that it would never leave my side. I sometimes cheated on it with Boomerang and Aqua to see how well they were coming along, however Aqua still looks like a 90’s nightmare and Boomerang still doesn’t like to send notifications so by far CloudMagic is still the best.

Fast forward another three and a half years, two phones and now my new vernee Apollo Lite who won’t get the new app installed on it when it arrives.

So what happened? In three years did they change that much? Yes. After promising no “premium tier” they began to charge for some various things (ie: Linkedin/social media profiles, scheduled messages, and a few more things). They started charging $15 (either per month or year, I can’t remember) for these features. Okay, I can understand some of those features costing extra to develop, but even then, they allowed you to continue on without paying anything!

But now….. Now they went and completely screwed the whole app up. No, I’m not talking about a corny name change or shite app icon or no compatibility with latest versions of Android. Oh no.. That would have been okay. No, what they do is start charging $50 after a 14 day trial to which the app locks or just pops up ads all the time to upgrade (actually no one has made it to the end of the trial after hearing about the update). I questioned their logic to this in an email. These are REAL screenshots of the emails after you take a look, then we’ll talk about the numbers…

[foogallery id=”325″]

Okay, so now that your mind has been slightly blown at those REAL emails, please let me explain my math and explanations. So let’s say that among their 20 employees, they pay each $200k a year for development. Ookay, that makes some sense, I suppose, that’s around $4M so…. Where’s the other going? Well lets assume they have Verizon FIOS (Business Class) for the best connection (worst case scenario) that’s about $1,400 a year, so we’re up to $4.001M. Now what about their datacenters? Welll…


As a worst-case scenario they will need about $10k a year (although they could get the better from my long term partners, NameCheap). So there you have it, they need $4.02M a year for expenses. Throw in electricity, utilities and the occasional business trip or ten and you may have an excuse for $7M. So why do they need $85.7M? Well I would tell you if they replied to my emails, but they never did. So for people who are asking and demanding for an explanation, know that you will probably never see it.

And they said that charging money was the only way they could get noticed and stay competitive in the market. It looks like that they may have a large following, but soon they may be out the door like “Mailbox and Sunrise Calendar” was.

If you want to know what I recommend, well I personally love Blue Mail and as a Zoho Pro member I also use their dedicated email app now. What will happen after the 14 days? Will the app go back to normal, or will it lock up and catch my phone on fire? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to see the backlash they will get from this. This is exciting and will surely offer entertainment until the company gives up.


2 thoughts on “The Future of Mobile Mail [REVIEW/RANT] (CloudMagic/Newton Mail)

  1. Even more of a dodgy move is that Newton, at £45 a year has ‘inherited’ the Google play store counters of 1million download s and a star rating of 4.7, from the free CloudMagic.

    I have written to Google saying that the counters should be zeroed

  2. Hint to ClownMagic: witness TextExpander, your cohort in trying to coerce fidelity to a ridiculously priced SaaS scheme— earlier this year. Smirking Smile Corp’s TextExpander was most recently seen limping around the net, with a “60{20bb16a434cbde438775dad3139851095af669a7e91d4f3466ab981f713127f9} off sale” tag around its neck. Been that way for weeks. The app that once owned its niche market can’t successfully bribe a user these days.

    But I’m grateful. Turns out, a revamped AirMail delivers the goods, beautifully integrating with a slew of apps, withOUT forcing me to invade the privacy of others. It even prints to PDF. And, even iOS, courtesy of version 10, now permits converting an email to PDF. Curved arrow > print > spread index finger and thumb while holding thumbnail > expands to full screen, as a PDF > share sheet > push to gDrive or wherever. All goodies I’d have missed, if not for ClownMagic’s usurious money grab. So, I’m grateful for your history of triflingness, as well as your current “screw customers” stance.

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